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Hi, my name is Carrie. I am a little grandmother who has forgotten her age, and you know it is not proper to ask a lady how old she is, but if you must know I am somewhere between 10-12.  I love to be around people and just squirm with delight when I am near someone I love. I really enjoy being curled up next to you while you watch TV or read. I love to feel you right there. I do have a tendency to walk right behind you with my nose bumping into the back of your legs, just the little touch of my human companions makes my day.

My foster family thinks I must get around by seeing shadows and the different smells of places. They were amazed at how quickly I figured out where things were and how to get around their home. I can even handle a few steps without help once I have a map in my mind. They were always carrying me until I showed them what I could do. I must admit I do run into doors if they are usually open and you close them without informing me.

I am on a few meds two are eye drops for dry eye which really help me,  so now I let you put them in without a fight. I take a pill for arthritis but I hate taking pills!

With my limited vision, I have a hard time learning where the ladies room is at, you will need to be patient with me while you teach me where it is I need to go. I may have a few accidents at first, but I will catch on!  If I have to go at night (which is rare) I will call out to you.

The family here, have a kennel that they put a bed in and I sleep in there at night and will return to it whenever I want some quiet time, the door is left open all day so I can use it as I want. I also use their big dogs tail for a soft pillow if he is napping nearby. Saying that I guess I should let you know I get along well with others, big and small furry ones.

If you are looking for a roommate like me I hope you will get in touch as I am looking for my forever home. I have a lot of love to give.

 Has some special needs and would do best in a home with little or no stairs.

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