Donald & Daisy

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6 & 5
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Hello!  We are Donald (black) and Daisy (fawn)! We’re 6yrs old and 5yrs old and are very excited to find a new home together. Although we’re both a little nervous around new people (especially Daisy who will likely tell you about it with her barking) if you greet us with treats we warm up very quickly. We are both still pretty young, so we need daily exercise either playing in the yard or a 30-45 minute walk. Donald has hip dysplasia, which will need to be monitored, but he loves to run around and play and so far this is not causing him any issues.

We’ve both been very good around children, as long as they are polite to us. We are both extremely sweet and really just want to be loved, returning that love a thousand fold with snuggles and kisses!  Our ideal family will keep us together, work with Daisy on her barking at strangers, and will play with us, get us enough exercise, and love us!  We would be fine with a family with children (Donald sometimes even prefers the company of children over adults).

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