Errol & Roslin

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So what’s our story you might ask… Well, we are a puggle sibling pair (turning 7 soon) and can certainly entertain ourselves if we must, but prefer to have our humans around to share in our abundant joy.  You might be surprised we came from the same litter with Roslin being so much bigger than me – I sometimes refer to her as the Gentle Giant. Roslin is really the queen bee and Errol (me) is a high energy prince of dogs. Let me explain – Roslin will happily sit at the back sliding glass door and bark at a passing bluebird or squirrel while I would much rather chase them down. Roslin loves her tennis ball and will even fetch for a short bit but I am not so interested in chasing a ball although I will chase Roslin.  We love to go for walks but that Roslin could use some leash manners.  We get along great with our foster siblings and the foster parents' granddaughter – as she just can’t get enough of my precious kisses.  We, however, do not like cats in our space and will terrorize them if given half a chance.  We sleep together in our kennel and love to snuggle with each other. We like being with our humans and can easily be converted to unabashed couch Puggles (some folks would say couch potatoes). It is actually one of our favorite past times! Well, that’s our short story and if we have sparked an interest we would love to meet you.  We are truly a Dynamic Duo waiting to bring your grateful hearts abundant smiles!  

 Need a home without cats.

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