Humphrey & Charcoal

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Hi! My name is Humphrey, but everyone calls me Handsome Humphrey because I am just about the most perfect fawn pug you will ever meet. My black brother is named Charcoal, and he likes to lick my face every morning to keep me looking my best. We have always been together so we would like to stay together. We are a team! We love to go for walks and we are in great shape. We are 7-years-old. We love to be with each other, but we still get a little anxious when we are left alone and feel safest when we are left in a smaller, safe place like a big crate or a laundry room. Ideally, we would love a family where people are around more of the time than not. Did I mention that we are big guys? Well, we are! We love people of all shapes and sizes and we are excellent companions. In fact, I would say that Charcoal takes snuggling to a whole new level! We also love other dogs, we met some cats and didn't really seem to care about them. I have had some issues with marking, but I am working on it. I don’t mind wearing a belly band in the house while I am working on getting used to my new surroundings. Charcoal doesn't have this problem, and hopefully, you can help me learn to be my best.  Do you think you are the family for us? Personally, I think any family would be so lucky to have us! We have so much love to give and we have perfect pug personalities! 

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