Mona & Chicho

Adoption Donation: 

7-year-olds Mona and Chicho were rescued in Baja Mexico from a Puppy Mill.  The rescue that saved them contacted us and asked if they could come to the United States to find a wonderful new home, and just look at how cute they are... how could we say no? Mona and Chico are extremely bonded so they must be adopted together. 

Mona is the sweetest little thing, she loves to cuddle and be held like a baby.  She sleeps on top of Chicho and cleans his face most evenings while they snuggle... She LOVES her Chicho!  Chicho has a similar personality, but he can be a bit more timid.  He loves to go on walks but will require some work on leash training.  He has the most beautiful expressive golden brown eyes and also loves to be snuggled and cuddled.  Mona and Chicho do not like the cold and rain of the Pacific Northwest, but they are slowly learning to adjust.  With love and patience, they will both do whatever they can to make their human happy.  They love other people, cats and dogs and they are both kennel trained.  

They will require ongoing potty training and a human who is committed to having the patience to be out with them when it is cold and wet as they will absolutely not go potty without you!  All these two care about is being loved... that is it! 

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Thanks to Blissful Illusions Photography by Rima for the pet pawtraits!