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Say “hi” to Pogo, PPR’s newest chug! Pogo is a sweet, vibrant 6-year-old girl with loads of love to give. This 14-pound powerhouse has tons of giddy up. She loves going for her daily walk and will bounce like a pogo stick when she sees her harness and leash. (We’re pretty sure that’s how she got her name.) She can easily conquer a mile! All that energy is there when she needs it, but Pogo knows how to just mellow out too. She likes taking long naps on the sofa. Better yet, she relishes a nap with her people!

Pogo has loved having a yard at her foster home and would like one in her furever home too. She enjoys exploring, meandering about, looking for new smells and cats in their hiding places. Speaking of, Pogo does really well with cats. She is interested, but not aggressive and will hang out in the grass with a lazy cat if they will let her.

Pogo’s foster home doesn’t have other dogs, but we’ve been told that she has had canine companions in the past. She certainly enjoys being introduced to the neighborhood dogs and would probably be happy to have a buddy. She loves the attention she gets from her foster family, which includes two teenagers. Pogo is a little shy of small children though and we think she would do best in a home with older, considerate children (7+).

Pogo doesn’t bark much, but she is a very emotional girl. You will know when she is excited, sad, or in need of something because she is great at communicating her emotions with sounds and expressions. All of this adds to her charm. She is also a pretty smart cookie and you could have a lot of fun with training if you wanted to.

Pogo’s foster mom says that Pogo is the sweetest little chug in the world. She also wants you to know some other great things about Pogo: She is house trained, crate trained (though she probably doesn’t need one), loves bully sticks, isn’t destructive, and doesn’t snore! In short, she’s an angel.

 Would do best a home with older, respectful children.

If you are interested in adopting one of our wonderful pugs, you will find information and can fill out an application by clicking here. If you have additional questions, please contact us at adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org